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Versatile Command Center (VC2)

The VC2 Framework software provides a unified "Versatile Command Center" that allows you to configure and perform any number of tasks against your data wherever it resides.  Export, import, update, extract, redact, classify, check-out, check-in, launch, and more, and it's easily extended to allow virtually any custom task or set of tasks.

VC2 Product benefits

FrameworkVersatile and configurable command center console enables and manages bulk operations across a distributed computing platform from a single interface.
Multi-threadedLarge and/or time sensitive conversions/migrations can be expedited via VC2's push work concept and distributed processing capabilities.  Tasks can be pushed to one or many available resources (desktops and servers) from a single command center console.
Expense ControlA single resource (FTE) is all that is required to manage any size effort.
Error ControlSingle point of control eliminates multiple "cooks in the kitchen" in turn eliminating errors (e.g. missed or duplicate entries).
Open ECM ProvidersVC2 product roadmap to include virtually any open ECM Provider platform.
Batch Type ConfigConfigurable batch types allow for flexible identification and selection of source information (data and/or content).
Command Type ConfigConfigurable command types and the command pipeline allow for an unlimited number of actions to be performed on documents as they are being processed.
Command Type OptionsTo include: all MIME types, content conversions (e.g. PDF), annotations (IBM FileNet), database lookups, data mapping (source to destination – meta data to meta data, folder structure to meta data, folder structure to folder structure), versioning (IBM FileNet), compound documents, custom objects, OCR, ICR, OMR, redaction, manual indexing interface, content classification, and workflow launch.
Quality ControlConfigurable auditing and reporting ensures successful reconciliation of the entire task.