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Contrary to what you might think, conversions, migrations, and bulk operations on large batches of documents or workflows aren’t easy!

  • Did you know the unexpected "gotcha's" can cause typical conversions to take twice as long as expected?
  • Did your conversion reconcile? Are you sure everything you wanted in system A made it to system B?
  • How many “cooks in the kitchen” do you need to perform a conversion, and can you catch and avoid errors or duplicates with all those cooks at the stove?
  • Massive conversions?  Can you do them with a single FTE?
  • Are you using annotations?  Can you keep their fidelity? Did you know your scanner (DPI and rotation) can impact how annotations are converted?
  • Did you think about electronic forms?  Other proprietary data formats?  Missing metadata?
  • What about database lookups?  OCR?  Redaction?  Classification?  Data cleansing?

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